The Gateway (2014) | Indianapolis, Indiana

In partnership with Keystone Realty Group, Colourforms Studio designed a graphic mural that was printed and then installed on perforated steel panels attached to a mix-use parking garage facility and shops. The artwork design and integration was a key result of the community of Broad Ripple playing an active role. As Broad Ripple has become the most widely known neighborhood in the city, the idea that “We’re open if you are” resonated in a way for visitors and residents to come to expect a mix of diverse street-life, shops, restaurants, night-life and down time with family. The mural acts as a cultural signifier by incorporating a cool-tone mix of bold colors and patterns into an active street-life scene.



Blast (2010-12) | New York, New York

In partnership with Praxis International Gallery, Colourforms Studio designed a two-floor stairwell installation that was made out wood, metal and painted forms on drywall.  The artwork design and integration was a key result of the need for the gallery to encourage patrons to walk up the two flights of stairs to view the art on the top floor. Part mural, part sculpture, Blast imagined the patrons to be part of the take-off, as they walked up and through the piece, activating and capturing the energy and movement  of a normally seen mundane task.
*This is a detail shot of the 2nd floor of a two-story designed installation.